So, you want to grow your eCommerce store and start making serious bank? You might be surprised to know that the way you think this works isn’t actually the way that it really works. Of course, everyone has their own opinion, and often, that’s dictated by a method that worked really well for them – but rarely will they give you the whole method, leaving you with the keys to the door – with another, deadbolted door just behind it.

1 – You Don’t Need to Sell a Million Products To Succeed!

Just about everyone will tell you that if you want to succeed in eCommerce, you need to have a lot of products to maximize your exposure.

That’s nonsense.

You only need one good product. It could be a comfortable shoe. It could be a jacket. Whatever it is, so long as it solves someone’s problem  and has great marketing behind it, it’s going to go a long way.

Don’t believe me? Look at Dyson, a company that started with a vacuum cleaner in a market already dominated by international giants such as Hoover. These days, the company itself is a giant.

Dyson’s breakthrough was getting rid of the bags inside vacuum cleaners (which lose suction over time and have to be cleaned – an overall tedious job that nobody misses). So, even if you think your product is boring and perhaps not too sexy, it doesn’t matter. If it solves a problem, people will buy it.

If your product doesn’t solve any pain points, then you’re probably not going to make sales, and any increases will likely just be a freak accident, or Lady Luck smiling down on you for once.

2 – Don’t Just Upsell, Downsell Too – and Get People to Spend More Money

By this, I don’t mean, “add a whole bunch of products to your store.” I mean add a bunch of value to your products. Perhaps you’re selling hair care products – in this case, you might offer an annual subscription to ship out a fresh bottle every month at a slightly reduced rate, or offer three-packs instead of just the one.

You can also sell related accessories, such as hair brushes and other hair care products such as conditioner, gel, and styling products. When people are already buying something, they’re a lot more likely to pick up something else – particularly if you helpfully remind them.

This isn’t rocket science, and it’s a great way to add value to your store. If you’re having a hard time figuring out what people might also buy along with your product, Amazon is a great place to research, as the retail giant shows you related products that real shoppers have already purchased.

3 – Get Out There And Start Hustling Like a Natural-Born Marketer!

People aren’t going to visit your online store if they don’t know it exists – which means that it’s important for you to start finding your future customers and letting them know that you exist.

The smartest way to do that these days is to leverage Facebook advertising and Google AdWords, which are two of the most efficient advertising systems in the world when it comes to eCommerce.

The beauty of Facebook – and also its big, scary, privacy-invading monster in the closet – is that you can target very, very specific people or even broad swathes based on a general interest like “beauty.” No matter how far and how deep you dig into this marketing ecosystem, your ad will be shown to people who fit the criteria you selected. It’s a great way to get people familiar with a new product, and a powerful weapon when it comes to exposure.

Google AdWords is a little different and leverages keywords. So, you might have an all-natural dry shampoo product – in which case you could target those keywords. Once you’ve coughed up a budget, Google then allocates you some screen time for people looking for that keyword.

These are both great ways to get your eCommerce sales singing, and together with the other two tips in this article, they’ll easily help you to start doubling your sales and work on your dream of becoming the next Jeff Bezos. Need more tips? Then mosey on to part 2 right here!