Are you tired of people coming to your website, clicking about a bit, then just… leaving? You know, they don’t say hello, they don’t buy anything. They just ghost you, leaving you wondering what’s wrong with your website – and just how the hell you’re going to start converting your web traffic.

It could just be that the writing isn’t really engaging them and ultimately compelling. It’s easy to throw up your arms and lament about how you’re not a professional writer, and you’re certainly not Ernest Hemingway, and that’s fine – but here’s the thing.

You don’t need to be a great writer to start writing content that converts your web traffic from ‘just visitors’ to people who are super-interested in buying your stuff, whatever that is.

Got 99 Problems? Solve at Least This One!

So, the easiest way to write something that converts your web traffic is just to leverage their problem, any objections they might have, and then offer them a solution.

Let’s say you’ve got an online store, and there’s this one product that people keep bouncing off it. There’s a reason for that, but until you actually ask people what the reason is, you can’t address it. A survey is one of the easiest ways to find that problem or objection, and then put it in the copy along with a solution.

By doing that, you’re going to dramatically lower your bounce rates, simply because your writing is addressing whatever issue everyone has explicitly told you is the problem.

Bad Headlines = Bad Results

Another problem area could be your headlines. These are super important in getting people to even look at a page. Out of ten people who see your headline, just eight will read it… and then two might click through.

It’s not a great batting average, but it’s what we have to work with. You need great headlines just to draw people in! And what you need to do with that headline is to address the problem. I go into this in more depth here, if you would like to know more.

So, make sure your headline hits that problem right on the head with a solution, as this is one surefire way to maximize the chances of converting your web traffic to click through and read whatever is on that page, be it an article, a product, or a service.

Size Doesn’t Matter. It Really Doesn’t!

People argue about anything and everything, and copy length is no different. One group will argue until they’re blue in the face that long screeds of content kill, while the other will scream that short copy is nothing more than a good-for-nothing waste of space.

Frankly, both these groups are wrong. Size doesn’t matter, as we’ve all heard, it is what is in the content that count. Forget all that noise and focus on the problem and solving it.

If you can deliver that in a short bit of text, great! On the other hand, you might need to write a little more. Also great. Just write what works to make the copy help you convert your web traffic. That’s all that matters. Focus on answering their problems and their objections with solutions that work; it doesn’t matter what you’re selling, that’s the basic principle behind all marketing copy.

Provide Content That Helps Everybody

Another thing worth remembering is that visitors to your website aren’t just some kind of uniform blob. They come in different types, just like regular, IRL people.

Some people just want to do a little research. Others want to know a little more about who you are, or what your business is. More yet are competitors trying to steal your secrets. Some of them are breathlessly waiting to spend their money.

Now, you need to understand what type of visitors you’re getting and tailor your copy to their needs. The easiest way to write for someone is to imagine yourself being them, and then create copy for each of these different types of people – the browsers, the buyers, the interested-but-just-looking…

This doesn’t need a lot of work. You can have CTA (Call To Action) buttons on your home page inviting people to learn more and send them to pages where they can learn more. You can have your home page jump right into sales action. Just make sure that your copy is reaching out to all these segments, so you retain as many of these people as possible and make it easier to convert your web traffic.

Don’t Forget  Your Email List!

Now, remember, the whole point of this is to lift up your conversions. Don’t expect that this advice will turn everybody into a rabid buyer: that’s just unrealistic thinking.

The harsh reality is that out of a thousand people who come to your website, only around ten of them will buy. That doesn’t sound great on paper, but what you can do with this thousand is something even better: you can get them onto your email list.

If you’re collecting emails, then you’ve got access to their inbox – which means that you can create emails campaigns designed to drive people back to your website.

By keeping your brand in your mind and following up with them on a regular schedule, you’re going to get more conversions, and more sales. Really – don’t forget to get people to sign up to your email list!

Start Converting Your Web Traffic Today with Expert Help!

That’s all for now – if the thought of writing all of this copy so you can start converting your web traffic is making you feel faint, then you might want to consider hiring a professional to make all this hard-working copy for you.