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Tired of the never-ending struggle to come up with smart ideas, find the right words, and create an original and engaging article for your target audience? Say goodbye to staring at a blank screen and hello to amazing, hassle-free article and blog post copywriting that drives traffic to your website.


A well-written blog is a powerful marketing tool – one that helps you to grow your audience, build your brand, and boost sales. What’s more, insightful articles can also position you as an industry expert.

So what are you waiting for?

Blogs and articles don’t need any technical skill to write, thanks to platforms like WordPress, which makes it easier than ever to share your thoughts with the world. A professional writer can help you to make your point fluently so that your audience is engaged – and primed to buy.


Blogs and articles are the driving force behind an effective content marketing strategy, allowing you to build on your organic rankings in search engines like Google and Bing. Blog posts can also be used to create talking points in your social media strategy. It’s a win-win strategy for all!


Who is this Blogging Service For?

This blogging and article writing service is primed for businesses and entrepreneurial startups seeking high quality, SEO-optimized writing without the expense of hiring and training an in-house copywriter.  

a professional blogger is an investment

How much time do you really have to dedicate to creating a blog that gets results? Quality blogging means more traffic, more leads, and more customers – which makes it a smart investment for businesses looking for long-term growth 


Why choose emmaki copywriting to write?

Do you like fast turnaround times alongside high quality, intelligent content that reads like someone just read your mind and made it sound even smarter? How about the and the calm feeling you can only get with a reliable and consistent service? If so, you’re in the right place!


What you get with this service

Fully researched, validated, well-written, and SEO-optimized blog posts and articles written to your spec. Much like the BBC, my posts aim to inform, educate, and entertain while priming your target market to keeping coming back for more. 

Let’s create something amazing together

9 reasons to outsource your article writing

Lead the Pack with High quality posts

Get great content focused on your target market’s needs and build a powerful, organic inbound marketing strategy effortlessly

Sit Back and relax as it's all done for you

Focus on what you do best (or do nothing at all!) as I take care of research, writing, and even posting for a true hands-off experience

SEO-Optimized to build your web presence

Great content needs to be seen before it’s heard. My SEO-optimized articles will give you a steady stream of traffic the easy way

double down on your social media marketing

With more blog content on your site, you’re never short of articles to share on social media sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook

Boost your conversion rates and profit

Engaging and informative content keeps people returning to your site- and gives you a higher conversion rate – and juicier profits

Save money and keep your people productive

Outsourcing your content writing is more cost-effective than hiring an in-house writer; you only pay for the content that you need

fast turnarounds mean no missed deadlines

Tackle today’s big news this week – not next month with your blog content delivered in just one week – or even faster upon request 

execute your content marketing strategies

Content marketing strategies, like time, wait for nobody. Outsource the hassle of researching and writing yours to a pro writer

super power your brand's visibility

Regular blog content builds your brand’s visibility, authority, and credibility and makes it easier for your audience to find you online

Your amazing new article is just a click away

Get Your Blog post or article written: It’s as EASY AS ABC


Get in Touch with emmaki today

Contact me for a free consultation and tell me what you need. I’ll research your industry or niche and give you suggestions for engaging blog posts and informative articles that your audience is actively looking for.


ApprovE Your Blog Post IDEA(s)

Once I’ve finished my research, I’ll come back to you with my suggestions for your approval. Once you greenlight my suggestions, I’ll get to work on crafting a unique, SEO-optimized article that will hook your readers.


Post Your Article(s) To Your Blog

I’ll return to you with the completed article, ready to post on your blog. Want to keep your blogging as hands-off as possible? No problem – with your permission and access details, I’ll post your article for you, too! 

Get EXPERT HELP with your articles and blog content

Blogging is now an essential content marketing tool that no business can afford to ignore. Blogs let you share ideas, build your authority, and create an endless stream of SEO-optimized, traffic-boosting pages the easy way… unless you’re the one tasked with writing it!

You already know it’s a good idea to blog, but it’s yet another darn thing on a long list that you have to do – and frankly, you’ve already got enough on your plate. Why stress about it?

Isn’t it time you lightened your load? Hire a professional article writer today!

Get specialized article and blogging services for your industry, written by a pro


Got questions? Get answers and Contact me today!

clients ARE RAVING about my awesome article and blogging service – and you can join the chorus

As a repeat buyer, I can say wholeheartedly that Emmaki never fails to deliver what I want. And she does so, with very limited info to go on. I wouldn't trust my copy to anyone else now. She's worth every penny and more. Highly recommend.

Michelle McIntyre, Reiki Master Teacher @ My Wellness Academy

Excellent and super fast turn around. I am a repeat customer and have been very happy with Emmaki's work. I plan to continue to request her services in the future. Thanks again!

Santa Cecilia, Founder @ Urban Vintage LA

Emmaki is a writer in the truest sense of the word. Follows the brief, puts her stamp on it and creates engaging copy that is interesting, humorous and shareable. This order was for an opinion piece for a blog and she absolutely nailed what I wanted first time. Highly recommended.

Eoin Finnegan , SEO Expert @ Fiverr

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