When it comes to effective Facebook ads, one of the most important elements is the copy. Great copy works best with attention-grabbing images, allowing you first to get a browser’s interest – then lock that down with persuasive writing.

In other words, your copy is the magic ingredient when it comes to compelling people to act. In this article, we’ll be looking at seven copywriting techniques that you can use in your next effective Facebook ad to generate more leads, more sales, and more $$$.

1 – Write for One Person

A common mistake people make is to write for everybody. The big problem is that if you try to appeal to everyone, more often than not, you’ll appeal to no-one.

Instead, focus on one person only. That person should be the ideal customer for your service or product, and the copy should speak to them directly. The result? Targeted writing with a more personal feel.

2 – Keep It Simple, Stupid

The K.I.S.S. principle is an easy one to grasp, but many people just throw it right out the window when writing ad copy. The result is confusion and lost interest – not great.

Your ad needs to be simple enough that people understand what it’s about and why it will help them in just a few seconds. Skip the big, fancy words and leave the overly-long sentences at home. What you’re striving for is informative, conversational, and easy to read.

3 – Use ONE Call to Action (CTA)

Ever seen an ad where there are two, even three CTAs? Don’t confuse people with choice. If you want them to buy stuff, tell them to buy stuff. If you want them to follow you on Twitter, tell them. But not at the same time…

Before you write the ad, think about what you want this ad to achieve – and make sure that your single CTA does just that.

4 – Be a Storyteller

Nobody can resist a good story, whether its a classic fairy tale, a Hollywood summer blockbuster, or a juicy bit of gossip. If your business has a good story, then tell that story.

It’s worth noting that this is a great way to add a personal touch to your ads while also making them – and your company – that little bit more memorable.

5 – Give People Pricing Information

If this tip is relevant to your next Facebook ad offer, then include it, especially if you’re offering a product at a discount or very competitive market pricing.

Everyone loves bargains, and we all have an eye for a good deal. Capitalize on that by telling the world!

6 – Be Consistent

If you’re flipping between cold professionalism and zany fun, you’re going to confuse people – and confused people simply don’t buy.

Your business has a certain image and brand, and you want to maintain that across your ads. This helps people to start recognizing your brand. In turn, over time, you will build more trust.

This means a consistent visual branding as well as tone, so it’s worth strategizing how you want to present your brand as a whole before setting off on your next effective Facebook ad campaign.

7 – Use Scarcity

Scarcity is a powerful tool that can create a sense of urgency in your leads. This can be as simple as using words and phrases like:

  • Hurry
  • Now
  • Today only
  • For a limited time only

These can make a huge difference to your copy and on your final performance. If stock is limited and selling out fast, people tend to act faster.

Facebook ads can be challenging to write, but if you follow each of the rules above, you’ll soon find that your effective Facebook ad campaigns are getting results!