Are you fed up of staring at a blank piece of paper with no idea what to do next? One of the most frustrating things for a writer in this world is having a deadline and no idea how to even get started on writing the darn thing – especially when you have to write an irresistible offer that people will act on.

Obviously, starting at the beginning is just going to result in a nasty outbreak of hives as your stress hits new, unwanted heights. So why not just run straight to the end? After all, when you’re looking at a map, you need to know where you’re going to plot your route there – and it’s no different in sales writing.

What this killer technique essentially involves is making a firm decision on what your call to action (CTA) will be. Some of you may be rolling your eyes at this seemingly obvious advice, but many people don’t do this – and end up writing copy that’s all over the place – and that’s the opposite of an irresistible offer!

Aside from knowing exactly what your CTA is, you now also have a foundation from which you can construct the rest of your article. The CTA is the most important part as it is the final push to do something, but before that, you need to write a compelling argument that makes doing that something a the path to obtaining that irresistible offer.

That means digging into the issue or problem that they might have, then introducing whatever your product or service is, and finally making it abundantly clear with benefits galore that their dreams of eliminating this ghastly problem will be gone – if they act right now.

With the CTA in place, you can start to work backward, constructing a sales letter that’s always focused on the end goal and motivating people to click that button, pick up that phone, whatever your CTA is barking at them to do.

You can create a storyline of someone whose life has been transformed, putting readers into that frame of mind that their fantasy is going to come true. There are a million ways to write a sales letter, and a million paths to get your audience where they want to be.

Just remember that in this case, all your paths lead to the Rome that is your CTA. That way is the one that makes the most sense, and the one that pulls everything together while dragging the prospect deeper into their fantasy: the one that you’re crafting.

The key to writing an irresistible sales offer really lies in your reader’s imagination – so go there.

Don’t stare at that blank piece of paper: it’s not going to help you. Go to your CTA, define it, and then work backward, constructing the sales copy that will work best with your audience. Work back all the way up to the headline, and then work forward again.

With this back-to-front process, you can easily create sales pieces and write irresistible offers that flow well and push your readers where you want them to go. Most importantly of all, don’t get frustrated! Let the creative juices flow and see what happens – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!