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SEO, to paraphrase Churchill, could be described as a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key? Google My Business optimization. Wave goodbye to writing acre upon acre of content – and hello to dominating your local SEO and the search engine rankings for your industry.


Want to get more clients and seriously boost your online visibility and credibility? For local businesses, local SEO is the order of the day – and Google my Business optimization is the key to putting yourself into that rippling 3-pack. Appear right at the top of search results, right where your target market can find you, and far ahead of your competitors 

It’s time to go straight to the top. 

Your Google My Business page is a powerful aspect of your local SEO that you really shouldn’t overloook.

Every day, millions of people use Google –  and four out of five of those searches are for local businesses just like yours. The higher you are in the search ranks, the more traffic you get – and the more sales you make. 

An optimized and verified Google My Business page doesn’t just look good – it can also put you at the top of search results in the famous “3-pack” as well as on Google Maps. 

Surprisingly, only 31% of small businesses are investing in local SEO, and even fewer in this powerful tool. Isn’t it time you started leapfrogging over them?


why get Google My Business Optimization?

This Google My Business optimization service is designed for local businesses who want to gain top spots in search results to attract more customers, leading to boosted business revenues and profits. Hiring a GMB expert makes this happen faster – and with less hassle.

Your Local SEO Made Even Easier

People now look online for local services. If your customers can’t find you online, they will find your competitors. Putting yourself on the local virtual map is a wise investment that will pay dividends while letting you and your team focus on what you do best.


Why hire a copywriter for GMB Page

Google My Business optimization isn’t just about ticking a few boxes. Hiring a copywriter, digital marketer, and SEO expert gives you a breadth of experience and expertise that looks at the bigger picture of your business’ online visibility and organic growth.


What you get with my GMB optimization

You’ll get a full report on the current status of your Google My Business page, along with my thoughtful recommendations for improvements. Each GMB job is different – but a gold pot awaits at the end of the rainbow!

Hit the search engine rankings jackpot

Why Google My Business Is your Best friend (With Benefits)

PRotect Your Online Reputation

Claiming, verifying, and optimizing your Google Business page gives your business a powerful aura of credibility that puts you one step ahead of rivals

Get On Google's Local 3-Pack

You don’t need a 6-pack to dominate online search results! Being a part of the toned Google Local 3-pack gives you an enormous competitive advantage against your rivals

Save Content Marketing $$$

Google My Business optimization is a lot quicker than planning and executing a long-term content strategy – and more cost-effective if you’re on a budget

Help Customers To Find You

Having your business address and contact details listed on your Google My Business page makes it easy for people to find you – and visit you

Get priceless Consumer Insights

Google’s analytics are second to none, and with Google My Business optimization, you’ll have access to a wealth of customer data with Google Insights 

Start Tracking Your Web Traffic

What is your website traffic doing on your site? Google My Business’ use of Google Analytics helps you to track what people do on your site – and where

One Dashboard, Lots of Power

One dashboard to rule them all: enjoy Maps, Google Plus, AdWords, and more in one location, making the management of your online presence a smoother experience

Boost Your Audience Outreach

Start communicating directly with your customers through smart review responses, via Google Hangouts, or creating posts that build a relationship of trust

Boost Your Organic Rankings

Google My Page optimization won’t just help to put you on the GMB 3-pack at the top of search results; it also gives your organic rankings an extra boost

Stop trying to figure it out. Get it done.

Google My Business Optimization Process: Just Three Easy Steps


Get in touch for a free consultation

Contact me today to get started on your free consultation and complimentary Google My Business Optimization report to learn where your GMB page is falling short – and how to fix it.


ApprovAL and Optimization work

Once you approve the work and to be done, I’ll and start carrying out the optimizations and improvements which you have approved. You won’t need to do anything else here!


Enjoy Your New Traffic and Clients

With an optimized Google My Business page, you’re now more visible online, more attractive to customers, and you will enjoy the natural growth that comes with this small tweak.

Get Expert Help Building Your Business’ LOCAL SEO

Claiming, optimizing, and verifying your Google My Business page puts you in control of how your business is shown to people across the entire Google ecosystem, including its search engine.

Google has 90% of search engine traffic worldwide – making it a huge deal to ensure that your GMB page is accurateup-to-date, and showcasing your business’ best products and services with posts, photos, and more to attract customer’s attention and boost your revenues. Think of it as a virtual storefront at the top of Google searches!

There’s only one downside – maintenance – but the consequent brand recognition is worth its weight in gold. By hiring a Google My Business expert to optimize and maintain your page, you can enjoy all the benefits of GMB… without the headaches.

Boost your local SEO with Google My Business optimization today!

Are you ready to go straight to the top?

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