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Struggling to find something interesting to describe your product and make it a must-have for your web traffic? Break ahead of the pack and start making some serious profit with an effective product description that tells a story, creates an energetic buzz, and gets buying fingers clicking madly.


Your product description is all that stands between you making a sale… or none at all. An engaging description stuffed with rich benefits, hypnotic storytelling, and an irresistible call to action is all you need to enjoy the biggest sales of your life. 

Start today, sell more tomorrow. It’s simple.

It has never been easier to join the ecommerce revolution and sell your own products and services online. Something as simple as a well-written product description can put you ahead of your competition and mark your product as the best in your market place.  But writing them can be a headache….

As a result, many ecommerce stores simply don’t optimize their product blurb for SEO or even in terms of benefits for their potential customers – which means hiring a professional product description writer could be the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle for building your sales empire.


Who Needs Product DEscriptions?

This product description copywriting service is aimed at all ecommerce businesses, whether you’re running an independent store on Shopify or joining the fray over on platforms like eBay and Amazon. Wherever you operate, you need powerful product descriptions to sell.

Persuasive Descriptions Sell

Do you really have the time and desire to sit down and write powerful product descriptions that make people want to buy? Effective writing that includes SEO, benefits, and engaging writing brings you more traffic while tantalizing your customers to buy now.


Why Hire a Product DEscription Writer?

Writing a compelling product blurb isn’t easy – especially if you have multiple products which are almost identical. Engaging sales pitches packed with benefits are often all that’s left between you and a sale: why leave it to chance?


What you get with this copywriting service

More than just writing a description, this service also includes full market and SEO research to go with your optimized product descriptions that are packed with benefit after benefit, all written in your brand’s unique tone and style. 

Sold out… again: Your new big problem

9 reasons To Hire an Expert Product Description Writer

Beat your competitors with powerful descriptions

Well-written descriptions packed with benefits sell more. Power ahead of your competition with the most compelling descriptions around

Relax - you don't have to do a single thing

Running a business isn’t for the faint of heart. Focus on what you do best as a wordsmith creates product descriptions that sell for you, 24/7

Leverage SEO for better search engine rankings

Push your product ahead of the competition in search results with smart, keyword-optimized ecommerce content that puts you in pole position

give your social media marketing a lift

Bland, boring product descriptions don’t persuade social media traffic: persuade fresh traffic with powerful benefits, right off the bat

Boost your ECOmmerce SALES and profits

Show people that your product is exactly what they want with smart writing that targets their exact needs, compelling them to buy right now

Use your Ecommerce resources wisely

Don’t squander your employee’s productivity: let them focus on their job as an expert creates the perfect product description in half the time

Fast deadlines for lat-minute product launches

Need a product description, like, yesterday? Get super-fast product description writing service that ensures you’re all set for the big launch

Explore new markets The Smart Way

Get started with selling on Amazon and eBay with targeted copy that isn’t the same old copy-paste that everyone else is doing

Give Your Brand a Unique PErsonality

Let your brand’s personality shine through in each product description, creating a unique presence that stands out from the crowd

Every product has a story. What’s yours?

you’re just 3 easy steps away from a converting Product description 


Get in Touch with emmaki today

Contact me for a free consultation and tell me about your brand and products, especially the products you want to have creating killer  descriptions. At this step, we’ll work out what your target market wants – and how you can engage them. 


EXPERT research and planNING

I’ll conduct expert keyword research to determine the best keywords for your product, then create your description with a careful eye for SEO optimization. At the same time, I’ll also craft persuasive content that appeals to humans for truly compelling product descriptions.



Once your product description is ready, I’ll come back to you with unique content that will boost your search engine ranks, helping leads to find you and learn about your product – persuading them to whip their credit card out their pocket and buy, buy, buy! All that you need to do is post it!

profit with product descriptions that sell – hard

Ecommerce is a booming industry set to hit an incredible $4.5 trillion by 2021 according to Shopify, one of the industry’s biggest platforms for online retailers. A powerful and effective description is at heart of the success of your products – which means engaging and well-written descriptions packed with benefits are an essential, not just “nice to have.”

However, product descriptions can be time-consuming to write, especially when you have 1,001 other things to take care of. You already know you have an amazing product. Isn’t it time to hire a professional product description copywriter to ensure that it flies off your digital shelves? 

Become a powerseller with persuasive product descriptions your ecommerce store

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clients love my persuasive Product description writing style – and so do their customers

She is my secret weapon who blows all the competition out of the water! I have been using her service for a few years and she never disappoints! I have always seen an uptick in traffic from her work.

Peter MacKail, Founder @ Rap Jumping Melbourne

Oh, the friendships you can grow when two smart asses collide. Em is the best. Period. Try her out and pay for what you get. Expert writing that is coherent and not a bunch of Chinese children typing like others.

Todd Warrior, Owner @ E&E Select Power Tools

Amazing, thank you for a quality product description 🙂

Caleb Schaftlein, Owner @ Bleachfilm

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