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Got exciting news? The last thing you want is a journalist or media source tossing your news story in their overflowing trashcan. Hire a press release writer to create engaging PR stories for your brand that keep you in front of your audience – and your competititors – with authority-building news releases. 


Done the right way, high quality press releases are a powerful way to market your business and build a reputation for thought leadership. This is no time to be a shy and retiring wallflower; show the world what your brand has to offer and flourish as your market share grows

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Journalists are always hunting for stories and sources – and a press release is the most cost-effective way to get brand exposure while building your reputation as a leader in your industry. Combined with a smart marketing strategy, well-written news announcements are a powerful way to increase your market share

You can also use news releases to create a buzz on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, making them an invaluable cross promotional tool. What’s more, an engaging and informative press release is more likely to be shared – which means greater visibility and authority for you. Start your winning PR strategy today!


Who should use this Press Release Service?

Press releases are a vital part of any business’ marketing strategy and a great way to build trust, authority, and credibility within your industry. A professional PR writer will help you to make sure your message ticks all the right boxes

invest in your reputation and growth

When people see a brand in the news, they give it more credibility and their trust increases. High quality press releases means more visibility, credibility, and leads, all of which points to a wise investment for forward-looking businesses


why hire a professional Pr Writer?

Don’t waste hours writing press releases you’re not happy with, then trying to figure out just what to do with your news. A professional press release writer researches, writes, and even distributes in a fraction of the time


What you get with my press release service

A well-written and researched news release that people actually want to read, along with advice and assistance in creating an effective press release distribution strategy that puts you in the right news and media channels

Got a big news story to go? Let’s share it.

9 reasons it’s smart to hire a Press Release Writer

Get More Attention with professional writing

Get your message and ideas across with high quality content from an experienced copywriter that journalists and your audience will actually read and act on

Save time and focus on your business

Running a business isn’t for the lazy – and with so many things to get done, your time might not be best spent creating a press release

Build Your Online Visibility with backlinks

Distributing your press release means more backlinks from high DA sites – which mean more traffic and exposure for your business in your industry

Boost your results with SEO-Optimization

A good press release isn’t just interesting to read – it’s also SEO-optimized with the keywords that your target market, giving you visibility

Establish your brand as an industry expert

Gain more trust from your customers as well as building a reputation as a thought leader in your industry with intelligent viewpoints

Ensure your news release is newsworthy

Writing a news release that doesn’t sound like an ad can be difficult. A professional writer can help you create a real news story that sticks

Dump the industry jargon effortlessly

If you’re too close to your business, then you might find it hard to ditch your favorite jargon. A copywriter sidesteps this – keeping people reading

Get help with your distribution difficulties

Distributing a press release can be a confusing minefield. Get professional help from an expert to make sure your release gets in the right places

Keep up a regular press release schedule

One press release isn’t going to change the world – but a carefully executed strategy with high quality press releases is vital for growth and credibility

Steal everyone else’s thunder with a PR



Get in touch with emmaki today

Reach out to me for your free consultation and quote and tell me what you need. I’ll research your industry and news, giving you suggestions for a newsworthy press release that journalists and other media professionals will pick up.


ApprovE Your Press Release IDEA

After I finish researching your press release, I’ll give you my suggestions. Once greenlit, I’ll get started on creating a powerful press release that gets your news story out while maximizing its impact in your industry or niche. 


Share Your News With The World

When your press release is ready, I’ll send it back to you for revision and final approval. At this point, you can distribute the press release – or have me do it to minimize any hassle on your side. I have plenty of options for you: just ask me about them!

Get EXPERT HELP with your press release Story today

What’s your story? Perhaps you have an exciting new product, service or application that has just launched, onboarded a superstar employee, or you’ve won an impressive industry award. Maybe you just want to tell the world about an exciting new event, or simply comment on a topical news story that’s hitting your industry today.

All of these are great ways to get attention – but did you know that your ideas don’t have to stop there? A creative press release that has an unusual angle can have just as much impact. 

Press releases are an vital content marketing strategy that can give your business a significant boost. With smart distribution, you can gain credibility by appearing in in local and national newspapers – as well as in industry media 

Want to start making press releases a core part of your marketing strategy but have trouble finding the time or the words? An experienced PR professional is the perfect sidekick for maximizing your press release’s results.

Get a fantastic press release written by an experienced writer and become a media star! 

Get started with an expert press release writing service for your business  today


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clients ARE going crazy for my press release writing and distribution serviceS – will you be next?

This was the most accurately advertised, well-prepared, and most skillfully delivered order I've ever had from a writer, and I have ordered quite a few. If you need something written with PROPER grammar and perfect English and you are tired of copied content, get this person to write you an article. ME GUSTA!!!

Jack Lesley, Owner  @ Heritage Photo Restoration

I am thrilled with the press release from Emmaki; she did a wonderful job and researched more than the outline I provided. I think it will certainly get me the attention I desire and will definitely use her again. Great work - very easy and very professional.

Michelle Morgan, Founder @ Snoop Creative

Awesome work as usual - thanks a lot!

Joëlle Studer, PR, Marketing & Communications @ F10 FinTech Incubator & Accelerator

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