If you haven’t heard about Google My Business yet, or you’re not 100% sure what it is, then let me show you a simple image:

Did you know? Search for any local business type, using a search term like plumbers near me or plumbers in [town], and you’ll get a list of three local businesses at the top of search results – all of which have optimized their Google My Business page. You could join them – and profit!

That’s what Google My Business is, and it’s your new best friend, especially if you run a local business. The good news is that this isn’t some secret club to which you’re not invited. In fact, it’s open to all local businesses. But what is it exactly, and just why should you take the time to consider adding it to your roster of SEO tools?

What is Google My Business – Why Do I Need It?

Google My Business is a free business tool which was designed by the search engine giants to help businesses like yours to better manage your online presence on its various platforms, including Google Maps, Google Search, Google Plus, Google Insights, and Google Analytics among others.

What makes it useful is that you can now access everything you need on the Google ecosystem using just one dashboard – pretty nifty and a huge time saver! However, this isn’t the biggest benefit that Google has to offer with this feature.

What are the Biggest Benefits of Google My Business?

Above all, the fact that an optimized Google My Business profile can put you at the top of search rankings in local searches. Not only this, but a Google My Business page will also help you to show up in regular search result listings as well as on Google Maps.

This is pretty incredible stuff, considering that 72% of people who search for businesses locally will visit a store, with 28% of searches resulting in a purchase. These are actual statistics – and a compelling reason to start looking at Google My Business as a potential source of real, interested customers.

Need more reasons? OK:

  • Getting a Google My Business listing is free – which is pretty shocking for such a powerful tool
  • A listing helps people to quickly find your physical location, as well as share contact details, photos, updates, opening hours, and more
  • Listing also helps you to interact with your customers and manage your online reputation by responding to their comments and reviews
  • Google is the King of analytics and Google My Business gives you plenty of rich data on views, followers, impressions, and more for smart data analysis

That’s just some of the best benefits of using Google My Business – there are a lot more! This is an ocean of opportunity for you and your business, and you can start using it today.

optimize Google my Business with professional help

How Can I Optimize Google My Business Easily?

The big question here is, do you really have the time to set up your Google My Business page, keep it updated, and maintain it? Although this feature is a gift to businesses who want to appear at the top of search engine queries, it’s no secret that Google has quite a few guidelines, and you’ll need to stick to them exactly.

This can make the process time-consuming and even frustrating, especially if you’ve “done something wrong” and have no freaking idea what it is. Google might be helpful, but when it comes to customer service, you might find more solace in a brick wall. It’s important to remember that even an innocent mistake can hurt your ranking and visibility. A Google My Business expert can help you to avoid all of this headache and hassle.

My Google My Business Page Has a Problem – Help!

There are many different problems you can experience with Google My Business! Perhaps you’ve set it up, but the stubborn thing just won’t change to “published.” Perhaps you keep getting exasperating error messages that you have no idea how to fix – or there’s a duplicate address laughing at you. Worse, you may have some awful reviews that you want to drown in a vat of malmsey wine.

These are all relatively common issues – and Google’s elusive Customer Support is often of little help. If you need help getting your Google My Page verified and published, it’s a good time to start considering working with a professional who understands the process – and what makes Google tick.

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Can Emmaki Copywriting Help Me with SEO?

Sure can – as a copywriter specializing in digital marketing and SEO, I offer a tight collection of services to help you build and maintain your Google My Business page as well as boost your overall search engine rankings – and that includes getting rid of pesky duplicates and smoothing over the frustration of unfair bad reviews online. Not to mention superb writing that search engines and your customers will both love!

But enough of me honking on that trumpet. Remember, if your Google My Business page isn’t set up properly, you may be doing your business a lot of harm, especially when it comes to ranking and visibility. In an online world where everyone is looking for your service using Google, is that a risk you’re truly prepared to take?