It doesn’t matter what service you provide. It doesn’t matter what products you sell. It could be anything – like one measly pixel of space on a website; so long as you’ve got great web copywriting on your side, you’re going to sell.

Web copywriting is vital for any business that is seeking success in today’s competitive online marketplace. It’s an easy way to set yourself apart from your competitors while making yourself attractive to prospective leads – and a web copywriter knows all the right buttons to press to make that happen.

What’s more, a web copywriter comes with SEO knowledge, which means that your web copywriting is actually performing two tasks: engaging your audience while pushing your content up the search engine rankings.

Now, perhaps you can’t afford web copywriting services – and that’s fine. But there is one cardinal sin of copywriting that you need to avoid whenever you’re penning your own web copywriting. Remember this whenever you’re writing, and you’ll be good to go!

top tip for web copywriting

Write as If You’re Talking Directly to Your Reader – That’s It!

This is a classic – some might even say boring – piece of advice for web copywriting that really needs to be drilled into everyone’s heads. Consider this: different types of people are visiting your site daily, and each has different reasons and motivations to be there.

How do you write something that speaks directly to these invisible people you will never meet? Take a look at these two examples of fairly standard web copywriting:

  • “Clients find our maid cleaning services to be highly affordable.”
  • “You’ll love our affordable maid cleaning service!”

Both sentences say the same thing – but one is shorter, more powerful, and far more direct. It only really takes one thing to achieve this: YOU. The word “you” is one of the most powerful in the English language, and you should be sure to use it as often as possible in your web copywriting.

Why Does This Simple Web Copywriting Trick Work So Well?

The beauty of this web copywriting advice – which is super-easy to implement – is that it works with every single visitor on your site while building a connection thanks to the clarity and directness of your messaging.

Even if you take nothing else away from browsing this blog, remember that. It doesn’t matter whether you’re creating SEO copy, web copy, offline copy, ad copy, or any other kind of web copywriting: you need to use “you” to make a real impact.

Of course, many other things go into truly amazing web copy, but following this one little trick is a fast and easy way to supercharge your web copywriting very quickly. Just remember that you also need to know your audience inside out, so you’re creating content that appeals to their desires, too!