Content marketing is one of the best ways to generate more traffic to your website, and a blog is one of the best ways to create a constant stream of content. There’s just one problem – it takes a long time to create an amazing blog post.

However, there are some ways to speed this creative process without sacrificing on quality, enabling you to write more blog posts, enjoy more exposure, and gain more traffic.

Take Your Time – It’s Worth It When Creating Amazing Blog Posts

“Hang on,” you might be thinking. “You’ve just told me that this is the fast way to write amazing blog posts. What’s this?”

That’s an excellent point, well made. However, it’s not quite what it seems. When you first start writing a blog, this is really the best thing you can do. It allows you to find your style, discover what readers like (and what they don’t!), as well as find your natural rhythm.

That’s not all: you will also be able to figure out a template. See, this is a cool tip after all. A template is more or less the basic article structure for all your posts, including your own personal quirks between the introduction and the conclusion. The more comprehensive your template, the faster you can zip through when creating super-amazing blog posts later.

Find Your Image Treasure Trove

Images are a vital part of every blog post, adding color, breaking up the monochrome text, and of course, driving your narrative forward. However, searching for them can be a time-consuming PITA. What to do?

Ideally, spend some time finding a place packed with images that you love – and that lets you acquire them easily. There are plenty of free stock photography sites out there, and you may even want to consider going the paid route.

Paid means you have a much wider choice, no worries about copyright, and can very quickly go from stock image site to blog. Look around, see what suits you, and try it on for size. The more time you spend on this early on, the more time you potentially save further down the road.

Create Writing Rules For Your Blog

Writing might be a creative process, but rules make life so much easier by creating further structure, direction, and guidance to ensure a certain consistency in your work. Readers do come to expect consistency, so having some ground rules is a good idea.

My rules, for example, include:

  • Being conversational: I like to treat my blog posts as a conversation by using words like “you” and “I”
  • Avoiding walls of Text: As a writer and a reader, I love these – but they’re bad for online reading, so I avoid these

These are simple rules that I know and follow without really thinking about them when I write, maintaining a certain consistency throughout the blog – so far. Rules can change and adapt, so don’t feel tied down to your rules if you outgrow them. Just be consistent with them.

Always Be Looking for New Blog Post Ideas

If you’re just starting out, you’ve got topics galore to choose from. However, sooner or later a dreadful day is going to come when the well has run dry and you’re fresh outta ideas.

This is just as deadly as writer’s block, but luckily both of them have the same cure. Stop agonizing about your terrible luck. This happens, it’s a thing, it sucks. But it’s only temporary.

Get out there and find inspiration away from the keyboard! You can also find inspiration online, simply by checking out what your competition is writing about and checking out resources like Buzzsumo.

This is one of the best ways to get new ideas – and why wait until you’re trapped in Writer’s Doom? Make a habit of writing down your ideas and save them for that rainy day.

The point is that you can’t be abuzz with fresh ideas all the time – but you can always be ready with a whole list of ideas inspired at other times. The result? When your writing mojo returns, you’ll have plenty of ideas for your next amazing blog post!


It’s possible to write blog posts fasts if you have a creative process that’s constrained by rules and supported by templates, while also keeping a collection of ideas ready at all times. Combined with an easy image source, these practices make it easy to turn into a lean, mean, blog post churning machine over time. Don’t sweat it – just do it!