Are you a member of any Facebook Groups, or do you own a page? If you’re not using this incredibly useful business tool, then I strongly recommend that you get started, as you’re missing out on their biggest benefit: the ability to drive traffic to your website and any offers that you might have.

Facebook Groups are simple to leverage, really. Join Groups that are relevant to your business and niche (or create one!). Any time someone posts a question, answer it. Any time you have new, relevant content, post it. Engage with the community and show them what a helpful person you are, and you’ll find that you’re not only boosting your reputation as an expert but also increasing your brand presence.

This increased visibility is priceless because when Group members visit your site, you’ve already established a connection – which makes the conversion to a buyer that much more likely. You’ve helped them out in some way, and now they feel positive about you and how you can help them.

In fact, the more you engage in Facebook Groups and genuinely interact and communicate with their communities, the more powerful this effect becomes. You’re quite literally building up a grassroots community that supports you – and that’s incredibly important for business growth.

Consider this: you might share a useful piece of content you’ve created that answers a question that everyone’s been asking. While that’s helpful to the Group, the real deal here is the compound interest of their sharing.

This really isn’t rocket science: Just click join, get accepted, and then get involved in the community. Remember that you need to be genuine here: nobody likes a spammer, so don’t just rocket in there with your hyper, hi-octane sales approach (unless it’s that kind of Group!). It will turn everyone off. Be normal, be helpful, and keep chipping away at the block.

Facebook Groups are one of the platform’s most powerful free features, so don’t neglect them. With Groups to cover just about every niche and industry, you’ll very easily be able to find Groups that work for you, and there’s nothing to stop you launching your own. So, if you’re looking to give your web traffic a solid boost, Facebook Groups could be the perfect option for you.