When you’re posting content on social media sites such as LinkedIn, it’s important to remember that it’s not just the quality of the content that counts – it’s also the timing of your posts.

Because social media timelines and newsfeeds are constantly updating, posting your amazing new content at 3am is doing it a horrible disservice. Instead, you should be posting it at times when people are most likely to be on the site and actively looking at their newsfeed. By paying attention to this, you maximize your post’s potential for views.

Now, LinkedIn is very different from other types of social media websites. It’s not like Twitter or Facebook, where people will stay up half the night talking, reading, or otherwise just scanning through their favorite memes.

Well, some might be, but they really are an exception to the rule. As a B2B professional network, most LinkedIn users are likely to be using the site during regular work hours. So, you’re looking at the usual 9 to 5, Monday to Friday grind.

Even in today’s world, these remain the standard business hours. What you should do is check your connections to see where most of them are based. For example, if you have a strong West Coast network of connections, then you’re going to want to post using Pacific Standard Time.

Once you know where the majority of your network is, you have a good guide to the best times to post. You may want to experiment a little to see when you get the most response: just before 9am is good as you can be top of their newsfeed right as they start work. Or perhaps during the lunch break when people are checking out their social media.

Experiment a bit, see what works best for you, and come up with a schedule which works around this. Don’t forget; you can also leverage content on your site by posting a few paragraphs of it with a call to action to visit the site to read the rest to increase your traffic!