LinkedIn is a hugely popular network and an invaluable resource for professionals. In fact, if you’re in the B2B (Business to Business) space, it is hands down the best social network because it’s simply so easy to drive leads to your website or offers from LinkedIn.

In this article , I’m going to show you all the little tricks you can use to optimize your profile and write something that helps you not just to source leads, but also have them come to you. If you’re tired of chasing down new leads, LinkedIn is a tool that can do a lot of heavy work for you!

Share Your Content on LinkedIn

Like all other social media networks, LinkedIn thrives on content – which makes it a great place to share your professional content. To make the most of this, take some old content or share your blog posts on LinkedIn Pulse. Once you’ve added it, you can delete a few paragraphs and add a hyperlink to your website with the simple call to action: “Click to continue reading.”

This is a great way to funnel people from your LinkedIn profile over to your website 24/7. The more content you post, the more opportunities you have, and of course the more leads you can attract and convert into traffic.

Complete Your LinkedIn Profile

This can be quite a tedious step but remember – you only have to do it once. This step simply involves filling out all the details on your LinkedIn page: information on what you do, where you’ve worked, and so on. It’s best to be specific here so that people know exactly what you bring to the table.

Try to avoid being vague – people dislike that, and it can be a real killer when it comes to engaging potential leads. The most important thing is really just to go into depth about what your value offering is. It’s also worth using keywords for your industry to really nail this down. Spend a little time here – the payoff is well worth it.

Join LinkedIn InMail (Yes, You Have to Pay)

OK, so you do have to pay for this step, and it costs around $80 a month. I can hear a sharp intake of breath from some of you! This might seem like a step too far, but this is super-important – and since so many people opt out of this, it actually puts you ahead of a lot of people.

InMail is essentially a valuable tool that allows you to generate leads. In fact, this is one tool that B2B sales teams use to generate the vast majority of their leads and consequent sales. Forget the price tag: how much revenue can you gain from an extra ten leads a month? This is the real metric you should be focused on.

Get Your Skills Endorsed and Recommended

This tip is really just social proof at its finest: the more people laud you for a skill, the more other people will recognize that you’re genuinely very good at doing it – whatever ‘it’ may be. This in itself is a powerful, yet simple way to convert leads, and it’s almost entirely passive from your point of view.

It’s worth approaching people you know and who you have worked with to endorse you. One thing to note is that endorsements from bosses or other seniors tend to hold a lot more clout – so aim for these recommendations as much as possible.

Save Time and Use LinkedIn AutoFill

You may not have this feature available on your profile – if not, go to LinkedIn and apply for it. Essentially, this is an awesome tool for lead forms. Let’s say you have a lead from somewhere on the internet, and it has a lot of informational demands (name, phone numbers, company size, address…).

Nobody really wants to fill all this in, which is where AutoFill comes in if you have it. Anyone who comes to fill in your form who is also logged into LinkedIn can simply click the AutoFill button. Et voila, it’s done! It’s a fantastic feature that you definitely want to use! With a simple button click, your leads can easily grow.


Optimizing your profile shouldn’t take you long, and it’s definitely something you should do if you’re interested in making LinkedIn a core part of your lead acquisition strategy. Follow the tips above, and you’ll soon have a healthy stream of leads to keep your business busy – and growing.