If you’re like most businesses with an online presence, you’re probably on Twitter, along with all the other usual suspects such as Facebook. With that said, if you’re also like most online businesses, you probably also aren’t getting quite the results that you dream of.

So far, so normal – and your problem may simply be that you are just not posting enough. Unlike Facebook, where posting too much is pretty much going to annoy everyone for being spammy, Twitter is a noisy place where posting a lot is perfectly normal behavior; how else are you going to be heard above the din of the crowd?

If you’re posting once or twice a day, you’re just going to get lost in the mess of other people’s tweets. That’s not to say you won’t get any results – you might get a few hundred. Now, that’s not terrible, but it really could be so much better.

So ramp it up. You might even want to post 50 times a day – I know, it sounds insane, and possibly even certifiable. It’s the opposite of so much of what we’re taught about quality content – but it gifts you with a new level of visibility.

It’s that visibility which really counts, and if you’re sharing helpful content, you will get a LOT of extra traffic, simply because you’re making sure that you are being seen and heard regularly over the course of the day – not just twice a day when you pipe up.

Now, I’m not saying that you have to post 50 times a day. What I am saying is that the more you post, the more traffic you will get. The best way to approach this isn’t to throw all your quality content in the bin and do an all-out assault. Instead, you can start looking at how you can ramp up your tweet production without sacrificing too much quality.

For example, you can look at sharing content from your blog, simple status updates, and of course, photos and videos. Outside of this, you can also join conversations by looking for questions where you’re well positioned to give advice.

The most important thing on LinkedIn is really just about visibility. It’s a platform where everyone has their podium, but the podium tends to be equal while rewarding those who shout the loudest – and most often.

The more you follow this strategy with a mind for helpful and informative content, the better you will do on Twitter – it won’t take long for the results to come in the form of traffic (especially if you frequently link to your site), and when it does, you’ll be more than happy with Twitter as a lead generation platform – even if it can feel like little more than a noisy mob at times!