Do you want to see your online sales increase? If so, you really need to make them an offer they can’t possibly refuse with effective internet copywriting! Don’t worry – you can leave the horses alone because you can do this even better with words!

The most important thing to remember when you are internet copywriting is that you need to make it worth their time to read. The internet is practically spilling over with content, which means you need to create something that people want to read.

Our time is valuable, after all – and there’s nothing worse than wasting people’s time with an offer that is practically worthless to them.

puppy dog eyes are irresistible - so should your internet copywriting be!

Here’s a Cautionary Tale…

A few years ago, a friend who works for a British newspaper told me a story. He was approached by a junior advertising sales representative who was flustered about something. When he asked her what was wrong, she complained bitterly about a client who wasn’t buying an ad schedule that she had suggested.

After lending a sympathetic ear, my friend started to ask her some probing questions. That’s when the truth came out, and it wasn’t all that pretty. It turned out that the last time her client had run an ad on the newspaper, it didn’t generate a single result.

No sales, no phones ringing – just the not-so-golden sound of silence (broken only by the tinkle of money trickling down the drain). The offer was nothing special – think a free cup of coffee – and unlikely to entice anyone.

It all sounds pretty bad, and it’s clear why the offer failed. It wasn’t particularly interesting, so people simply ignored it. Hell, for all I know the coffee might have been terrible, too!

Obviously, my friend didn’t want to lose this client, so he told the rep to return to the client with a new offer. One he couldn’t really refuse ? The offer was simple, but smart:

We’ll run your ad for free – but only if you’ll live up to the offer we create. We’re not going to give people free coffee. We’re going to give them something that’s even more valuable to them, even though it’s the same value – by telling them that this coupon is redeemable for 50p ($1) in cash.

Well, the owner refused, knowing that he’d have a flood of foot traffic all eager to siphon all of his profits out of his pocket, dollar by parsimonious dollar. However, this had one benefit of showing the owner that his original offer was also terrible in another way – so he needed to rethink his own strategy.

So, what’s the lesson here? Even great ideas aren’t always going to work. When you’re creating effective internet copywriting, you need to consider everything. Not just from your perspective, but also the perspective of your customers.

advertising the smart way with internet copywriting

How to Create Irresistible Offers with Effecctive Internet Copywriting

If you want to compel people into responding to any of your offers, you need to make it worth their time – and practically irresistible. That might mean slicing money out of your profits for an attractive discount, offering a 30-day trial, or creating a cast-iron guarantee to make purchasing your product or service risk-free.

Each of these is a great example of effective internet copywriting; in both cases, you’re moving the risk onto yourself, away from the customer. In turn, that will remove your potential customer’s resistance when it comes to giving you their hard-earned dough. Just remember one small, but important caveat:

You should ALWAYS honor your offer!

Customers know when you trick them, and word of mouth spreads twice as fast when the press is bad ? so, do right by your customers and they’ll boost your business with their own favorable reviews.

Don’t Worry – You ARE Capable of Writing Effective Internet Copy!

Some of you reading this will be thinking something like, “Well, Emma – this is all well and good, but I’m not a copywriter! How am I meant to know what words to use?”

I get the worry, but it’s honestly not something you should be worrying about. You’re one of the best people to write about your product or service, simply because you know it better than anyone else out there.

Hopefully, you’re also passionate about it – and that passion can translate wonderfully into your writing. People can feel passion, and it’s one of the most powerful things you can leverage to make effective internet copywriting. While a copywriter can add a lot of great touches, that unique spark of passion can only really come from you, the owner.

So rather than focus on what you do and don’t know, what you can and can’t do, look to your passion and use that to make your effective internet copywriting shine, along with a knowledge of what your customers want to create an offer that they will love.

how to write irresistible sales offers

Make Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse!

If you’re having trouble thinking of something that your customers will find irresistible, just ask yourself what would push you into buying this if you were sitting on the fence. Whatever pushes your buttons may be the key to creating effective internet copywriting that helps your traffic make a final decision.

If you can think of something that you can also afford to do, then you’ve likely found your irresistible offer.

As a bonus tip, remember you can create a limited time offer too for added scarcity – you’re in complete control of this process, and you can limit the damage to your profits in this way. The added urgency won’t hurt, either – people hate missing out on a deal, so they may well act in haste, to your benefit.

Conclusion – You’ve Got This. Now Do It!

Making your offer irresistible doesn’t have to be difficult, or even hard work. Focus on making your offer something that’s worth your prospect’s time and remove as much risk as possible from the transaction to smooth the path forward.

Just make sure that you deliver as advertised, and everything should be gravy! Effective internet copywriting doesn’t have to be hard – but it does have to be smart and targeted.