I hear this a lot… why aren’t people buying anything from me? What am I doing wrong?!?! 

The answer to the vexed question is actually a lot simpler than you think – and the fix could be as simple as switching up your content!

It’s Christmas Eve today folks, so I’m going to keep this one short and sweet (for once!). Today, I’m just going to quickly go over why people aren’t buying from you, and the three key reasons as towhy that is.

If people aren’t buying from you , it’s usually down to just a few reasons:

  • They don’t know what they want
  • They don’t know what you are offering
  • They don’t like you or even trust you

Whether they need what you want or not, you ultimately need to resolve these three issues before you can clinch the sale. If you can’t, the bottom line is very simple: you’re not going to make a sale.

why am I not selling?

One of your many jobs as a business owner is to get your target market to see your products and services and to realize that whatever you offer is a perfect match for them. Typically, this means identifying the problem that your products and services solve and telling your audience about how you solve that problem. If you can do this you’ll find that people buying your stuff creates a new set of problems – like inventory issues!

This is the dark art of copywriting in a nutshell: finding your prospect’s most gnawing issues and solving them with a magic wand. It’s about removing any risk that they might associate with buying your products and building a relationship of trust with them.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should lie and tell them that your product and service accomplishes things that it can’t – that might net you short-term sales, but in the long run, you might as well just shoot your business dead now. People don’t like being tricked, and word will get around.

If you’re not making any sales, then you need to sit down and start considering what problems each of your products and services solve, and how you can get that information across to people. Once you’ve nailed all of these down, you will have a much easier time crafting a message that gets through to your ideal customers, and sales should start to increase.

Enjoy Christmas, everyone! ?