Do you need copywriting hacks? If the following sounds familiar to you, then the answer might just be a resounding, “yes.”

There you are, sending emails to people, excited about your latest offer or whatever it is you’re sending, and…. nothing happens. Maybe the odd click – but nowhere near the avalanche of engagement you had hoped for.

It’s like tumbleweed has infested your campaign, and there’s not a darn thing that you can do about it.

What on earth can you do about it?

Here are three of my top copywriting hacks to make this problem go away, and none of them are all that difficult once you understand the principles behind them. Let’s get started!

Tell A Story – Use Your Copywriting to Hack Into Their Caveman Brain

Not literally – you can put that machete away now. What I mean by this is you want to include a story in your email. I’m not talking about the “Once upon a time…” bedtime story yarn, just a story.

Instead of just telling people what your offer is – or whatever it is you’ve got – add a little personal anecdote in there. It could be as simple as a conversation you had with someone the other day that led to a discount. It doesn’t have to be the full Tolstoy.

The reason for this is the same reason you and I watch movies and read books. Humans have loved stories since we lived in caves, and nothing’s changed. We’re hardwired and hooked to want to know how the story ends. No skimming – we need to know. That’s what makes people click – and what helps you get that golden CTR boosted.

Use More Links – But Don’t Be Too Wild

Basically, the more links you have in an email, the more clicks you’re going to get. That’s it. This tip does have limitations of course – don’t go completely mad and at 20, 30 links (you’ll end up in spam), just stick with no more than 3 or 4.

The simple fact that there are more links in your email means that the probability of a clickthrough to your site or offer is going to swing that much more in your favor. This is such a simple tip, yet it has dramatically changed the fortunes of so many people. Try it, you’ll see!

Use CTAs In Your Links To Get More Clicks

This ties in with the previous tip, but it’s a little more focused on what that link says. If you’re just linking up some words, the clicks might happen, but if you want to really power the links up, you’re going to have to make good use of the anchor text.

By this, I mean using a Call to Action rather than “Bob’s Fishing Store.” Tell people what to do. A few examples here for Bob, if he should ever read this:

  • Learn more here
  • Get your tackle today
  • Follow these top fishing tips.

You can already see and feel the difference, can’t you? That’s because these CTAs are benefit driven – you know what to expect, and the promise is right there. People will understand that, click through to your site and with some luck, you’ll find yourself with some great new leads and sales.

There are many more copywriting hacks out there – but try these three and you’ll discover that sometimes, writing content that gets people to act is as simple as remembering just the little things!